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Why Is There Water Around My Air Conditioner?

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August 11th, 2022 at 3:54 PM

Why Is There Water Around My Air Conditioner?

If you find water around the coil and indoor unit of your AC system, don't panic. Though every type of leak is cause for concern, you probably won't need an entirely new system if there is water around the coil and indoor unit. Turn off the system, clean up the water and take a close look at the area around the moisture for any openings. In some cases, even if you have a flashlight, you might not be able to spot the source of the leak. Our professionals are here to help figure out if the condensate line is blocked, if there is undersized ductwork, insufficient ductwork, a lack of freon, a blocked air filter or another problem.

The Evaporator Coil Might be Frozen

The air conditioner's underlying problem might be an internal component referred to as the evaporator coil. This coil cools the refrigerant that moves through the system to ensure the air is actually colder than room temperature. Fail to have the system tuned up at least once per year and the evaporator coil might end up with dirt and other gunk that prevents it from functioning and possibly even causes it to cool to the point that it freezes then drips into the puddle you find as water.

Mind the Refrigerant

Excess refrigerant or even insufficient refrigerant has the potential to create moisture that builds up around the coil and indoor unit. Keep in mind, the air conditioner requires the optimal level of refrigerant to pluck heat from air that is already within the home. Neglect the refrigerant and the evaporator coil might eventually create ice within the system that culminates in a leak onto the coil or another part of the system.

The Drain Line Might be the Problem

If the drain line is clogged, water could easily emerge in the form of a leak. A clogged drain line will lead to water backing up within the unit. Clear out the drain line or have the professionals do it and you'll rest easy knowing water does not collect to the point that it moves through the condensation pan onto the floor in your home.

An Installation Error

It is also possible the leak is the result of faulty installation or parts wearing down over time. If the air conditioner is relatively new, the chances of the leak resulting from a flawed installation are that much greater. Even a faulty condensate trap has the potential to prevent the condensate from removing water, ultimately leading to the water overflowing into your house. Lean on the professionals to take a close look at the condensate trap and assess whether it needs repair, replacement, alteration or reinstallation.

The Drain Pan Might be the Issue

A leaky drain pan will cause water to accumulate around the coil and indoor unit. However, most homeowners don't know what a normal drain pan is supposed to look like. A drain pan that is subjected to moisture will degrade and eventually require replacement.

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