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Flat Rate Pricing

No games, no guessing, one price.


What is Flat Rate or Upfront Service Pricing?

Flat Rate or Upfront Service Pricing was adopted by some service companies about 20 years ago. Each service or installation task was assigned an average time for labor and costs of equipment, materials and parts. This total single price was calculated and documented in a large bulky “encyclopedia” type pricing book. After diagnostics was performed the technician would try to locate the closest repair or installation cost in the book that “fit” the job as closely as he or she could determine. This cost was relayed to the customer for approval before the job was started. This was a more fair pricing method that created the need for businesses to become more organized and track their fleet vehicles and technicians time.

Family Heating & Air Conditioning offers you more than a pricing system but a customer educational guide to help you make the most intelligent investment for you & Your Family!


What Makes Our Flat Rate Pricing System better?

Our Visual, Detailed, Live Web-Based Repair and Installation Pricing Guide is far more advanced than the older antiquated printed book type where pricing was outdated before they ever got printed. These systems are still being used today by most servicing and installation contractors. This time-consuming pricing method needed to anticipate rising costs and was overpriced to compensate for equipment and parts costs that “may have an increase” in the next year or so before the next generation books were printed.

More than just a way to price a job, we educate our customers!

We are the first to have created a complete Fair Pricing Process.

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