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What is Flat Rate or Upfront Service Pricing?

The service industry was always guided by hourly labor rates plus parts and materials. This time and material pricing has always caused frustration with customers on the receiving end of a repair invoice. Charging by the hour plus parts is a less risky method of billing customers. This allows less diligent and organized service companies to allow their employees and field technicians to run the business. Unorganized office dispatching staff, unnecessary technician travel breaks and vehicle stops, as well as untrained service individuals cause excessive time and material repair bills. The need for the customer to “watch the clock” to ensure fairness and efficiency is a common complaint with this type of a billing process..

Flat Rate or Upfront Service Pricing was adopted by some service companies about 20 years ago. Each service task was assigned and average time for labor and costs of equipment, materials and parts. This total single price was documented in a large bulky “encyclopedia” type pricing guide. The technician would locate the closest repair or installation task that detailed the job as closely as he or she could after diagnostics was performed. This cost was relayed to the customer for approval before the job was started. This was a more fair pricing method that created the need for businesses to become more organized and track their fleet vehicles and technicians time.

Family Heating & Air Conditioning offers you more than a pricing system but a customer educational guide to help you make the most intelligent investment for you & Your Family!


What Makes Our Flat Rate Pricing System better?

We Offer more than just a pricing system!
Our Flat rate system is far more advanced than the older antiquated printed book type where pricing was outdated before they got to the printers. These systems that are still being used today by most servicing and installation contractors. This timely pricing method needed to anticipate rising costs and were overpriced to compensate for equipment and parts costs that “may have an increase” in the next year or so before the next generation books were printed. We have created a complete Fair Pricing Process. OUR live internet based system utilizes current costs and efficiently maintains the lowest costs and discounts to you at all times. Our Technicians and office personnel “sync” current data daily from their computers to the field mobile tablet devices to allow them to be aware of current discounts, specials and changes in our company and industry as they happen. Whether maintenance, a repair, or a complete Comfort System Installation, our unique on screen daily updated system will do this and more... Explain in detail the required service, repair or equipment necessary, Include detailed pricing, rebates and discounts, Show pictures of the part required, Show the location of the repair within your system, Display new system specifications, Offer helpful tasks to eliminate future problems, Suggest options to enhance your comfort and reduce operating costs ,as well as convenient affordable financing or payment terms that are available to you. Family Heating & Air Conditioning offers you more than a pricing system but a customer educational guide to help you make the most intelligent investment.

More than just a way to price a job, we educate our customers!

We are the first to have created a complete Fair Pricing Process.

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