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Oil To Gas Conversion

For your home's heating system

What Is An Oil To Gas Conversion When We Are Speaking About Our Heating Systems In Our Homes?

Simply, An oil to gas conversion is the process of converting your existing Oil burner used to heat the air across your furnace or hot water for home heat or domestic hot water for showers, sinks and washing machines to cleaner natural gas or propane. Let’s face it Oil systems used for furnaces and Hot water or steam baseboard and radiator systems become dirty quickly because of the impunity of the fuel. The new system would be equipped with internal components that support the gas burners to connect to the new fuel lines whether natural gas or propane LP.

The Process To Convert From Oil To Gas

  • Find the best professional HVAC company for oil to gas conversion guidance.
  • The process to convert starts with the availability of natural gas in your neighborhood. If natural gas is not available in your area at this time we can direct you to our propane company that can supply the fuel using tanks on your property Propane can easily be converted to natural gas if not available at this time.
  • Choose your type and efficiency of equipment. There are many combinations of standard to ultra high efficiency gas equipment as well as options if you have a furnace matched with air conditioning and ductwork in your home.
  • Removal and Disposal of your Oil equipment by your contractor.
  • Setting and installing your new gas system for heating,domestic water heating and or air conditioning.
  • Connection of the new gas fuel line to you system
  • Check full operation and fine tune the new system.

The Advantages Of Converting From Oil To Gas

  • Higher efficiency and lower cost of operation
  • Less maintenance annually
  • Less fluctuation of fuel prices.
  • No need for a tank
  • No worries about running out of fuel
  • More reliable
  • Fewer Emmisions into the atmosphere
10 year warranty

All new High Velocity systems come with a

10 Year Warranty

Included with all new installs

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HVAC systems are incredibly efficient at breeding and circulating bacteria, viruses, mold, and other harmful microbes as well as odors, dust mites, and other allergens. PermaSafe® is a unique long-term antimicrobial surface and air protection system that works as a disinfectant and odor, allergen, mold, mildew and fungi eliminator.


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Included with all new installs

Even Air Flow Package

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Even Airflow Package

Reconfigure the Air Supply and Air Return with calculated duct fittings during a new system installation, we create a "linear" air flow, which improves the airflow throughout your entire home.

Quiet Duct Package

We incorporate specific fittings that facilitate the quietest possible operation of your system, mitigating any noise-related disturbances in your living space.


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