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Furnace Services

We're excited you found us!. Family HVAC provides Furnace installation and repair services in your area. Whether you need a free estimate or need us to get your home back to warmth, we are the team to call.

Family Heating & Cooling is here to take care of your family 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our heater repair technicians are NATE certified in all furnace systems, Factory Trained, and Google Guaranteed to get your heating system up and running as quickly as possible.

If your furnace has failed or is going through fits, and starts, don't hesitate to have one of our professional, always on-time, technicians evaluate the issue or provide you with a free estimate.

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Residential Furnace Installation Services

Furnaces come in a variety of configurations, typically fueled by natural gas but can also use propane or even oil.

Furnaces also come in different efficiencies ranging from a base 80% fuel-efficient furnace to 98%+ high-efficiency furnaces. Much like a car’s miles per gallon (MPG) rating, the higher the efficiency the lower your heating utility costs will be.

Furnaces are forced hot air systems which simply means it will blow warm air through your home’s duct system. When your furnace fails, it is more than just an inconvenience, it is a danger depending upon what has failed. Much like a car, furnaces can emit carbon monoxide which we all know is not good for you. Aside from putting your family at risk, a broken furnace can lead to other issues if left unchecked such as frozen pipes and structural damage due to the loss of heat. If your family’s heater goes down, it is a true emergency.

Standard and High Efficiency Furnaces

Our Most Popular Furnaces