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Why Is My Heat Pump Frozen?

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August 11th, 2022 at 3:41 PM

Why Is My Heat Pump Frozen?

If your heat pump freezes, don't panic. Our certified heat pump technicians are here to identify the cause of your heat pump problem, be it blocked air flow, refrigerant level or another reason for the heat pump not cooling and perform the necessary repair or replacement.

Heat Pump Frozen? Help is Available

From frost that forms along coils to layers of ice and more, the elements clearly pose a threat to the functionality of heat pumps. Though the defrost cycle is meant to switch on to ensure the pump continues to operate, there is a chance the condensing fan motor will not be able to pull air inward or another problem will arise.

Heat Pump Not Working? It Might be the Defrost Cycle

The defrost cycle of heat pumps was masterminded with cold climates in mind. The defrost system prevents the heat pump from icing over to the point that it will not function. The heat pump operates in cycles when necessary so it does not have to constantly run and burn up energy. However, temperature sensors that activate the defrost process might not work as expected.

Even if the broken heat pump defrost cycle is working as designed, there is also the chance for ice to build up on the heat pump. A heat pump that does not defrost as fast as it should or in the proper manner will likely end up with damage or simply stop functioning. Ice that blocks coils will prevent air from being pulled in, ultimately stopping the system from generating heat. Air that cannot move between the system's fins will cause the heat pump to endure significant damage, including damage to the outdoor coils and other system components that has the potential to break fan blades or worse.

When in Doubt, Turn to the Experts

If you suspect or know your heat pump is frozen or no longer functioning as it should, troubleshooting the issue will burn through your limited time, patience and energy. Instead of wasting even more time on the project, turn to the professionals for a thorough inspection of your frozen heat pump.

Our HVAC specialist will take a close look at the heat pump to determine if it is blocked by ice, if the full heat pump unit has frozen over or if the inner coil is laden with ice. Our troubleshooting process will also extend to an analysis of the defrost cycle to determine if it is activating and whether air is successfully being pulled into the unit's fins.

Addressing the Problem

Identifying the root cause of the heat pump freezing is only half the battle. The other half is correcting the problem. From replacing the air filter to adjusting refrigerant levels, changing faulty components, eliminating coil or blade buildups and fixing faulty outdoor blower motors, there are myriad potential heat pump repairs and replacements. In some cases, the reverse valve is simply stuck and needs to be loosened.

Put your trust in our experienced HVAC technicians and we will address exactly what is wrong with your heat pump and return your system to full functionality as quickly as possible. Our heat pump company is a call away.

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