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Why is my AC Freezing Up?

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August 11th, 2022 at 5:01 PM

Why is my AC Freezing Up?

A frozen air conditioner is cause for concern, even if your home hasn't yet become uncomfortable to live in. If your AC is frozen 1 min – 2 max or if your AC is not working entirely, don't assume there is nothing that can be done. Our certified technicians are here to help with blocked air flow, no cooling, frozen refrigerant and other AC problems. Here's a quick look at why AC has the potential to freeze and how the professionals can help when your HVAC doesn't work as it should.

Why is the AC Freezing Up?

AC systems are composed of many moving parts, which can get stuck, broken or clogged, causing your AC to freeze up. A kinked refrigerant line, faulty or damaged internal fans, clogged filters or even leakages. Any of these things can cause a drop in pressure, which would result in the refrigerant to expand and become much too cold to do its job.

An air filter chock-full of pollutants will prevent air from flowing freely, ultimately heightening the chances of a freeze. There really is a chance that condensation resulting from humidity in the air will freeze on the AC coils rather than drip down into the drip pan. This is precisely why it is in your interest to replace air filters in a timely manner and also have your HVAC systems maintained at least once per year.

The Condensate Line

There is also the potential for the condensate line to be blocked though you probably wouldn't know about it unless you had a professional perform an in-depth inspection. The water siphoned out of the living space moves through the condensate line pipe. The pipe will become damp and sludgy, possible to the point at which it starts growing mold on the interior. There is the potential for the buildup to cause the condensate line to clog. The water might then freeze along the coils.

Condenser Fins

If the system's condenser fins are clogged or blocked, the system will not function as designed. The metal fins cover the condenser unit's walls yet they will become an issue unless washed with regularity. Condenser fins that go unwashed will not allow air to move unimpeded, meaning the movement of air will be obstructed, ultimately forcing the system to work harder and eventually malfunction before it should.

Refrigerant Leak

There is also the potential that a refrigerant leak has occurred. If the side panels of the condenser unit along the outside of the AC system are freezing, there is a good chance the refrigerant is the culprit. Check to see if the refrigerant has leaked on the sides. In fact, even low refrigerant will lead to the evaporator coils becoming cold to the point that the evaporator coil might freeze.

DIY AC Repair For Frozen Air Conditioner

In most cases, it is not in your best interest to attempt DIY ac repair. You may see one visible problem, but to an untrained eye, you could be missing something bigger. Instead, lean on an experienced HVAC technician to address the problem for you. An HVAC professional will get to the bottom of the issue and perform the necessary repair. As an example, the air filter might be dirty to the point that it causes frozen air conditioning. AC frozen or air conditioner not cooling should prompt you to ask the air conditioner company for assistance. The HVAC specialist will determine if the air conditioner is broken, if there is a lack of refrigerant or another problem.

Help is Available Through Family Heating & Air Conditioning

Family Heating & Air Conditioning is here to help you with your Frozen Air Conditioner. We offer honest and professional advice that will help steer you in the right direction regarding your AC system for years to come. If you are in need of AC service, AC maintenance or AC replacement, Contact Family HVAC today! We offer online scheduling, no cost estimates, and financing options for all services.

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