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Boiler replacement

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October 8th, 2021 at 4:42 AM

It can be tricky to know when to replace your boiler. While it\'s sometimes possible to repair a boiler that\'s not working right, in most cases, it\'s best to consider boiler replacement. Luckily, in the Jenkintown PA 19046 area is here to help you find the best new boiler for your home. But first, we\'ll go over how to tell if you need a replacement or not.

Is Your Boiler Too Old?

One of the biggest factors in boiler replacement is the age of the unit. Generally, boilers don't last more than 15 years. After this, they're energy inefficient and won't heat your home very well. If your boiler is this old, there's a huge benefit of upgrading. You'll likely see a large reduction in the amount you pay to heat your home every month, as new ENERGY STAR qualified boilers are 5% more efficient than new standard models.

Have Your Heating Bills Gone Up?

That said, you'll likely notice a big increase in the amount you pay for energy every month if you have a bad boiler. This might be because of scale buildup that happens over years of use. This occurs when dissolved minerals from the water form a layer over the boiler's surface. These minerals end up blocking the heat that's trying to warm up your home, forcing your system to work harder and consume more energy. This is an inevitable process, and when it happens, it's best to just find a new boiler.

Do You Have No Heat?

This should be obvious, but if you have no heat in your Jenkintown PA 19046 home, you'll need to have your boiler looked at. There's a chance your boiler might need to have some repairs, but there's a greater chance it will need to be replaced completely.

Is the Boiler Leaking?

Over time, boilers can start leaking water. This happens when the metal begins to corrode, which can cause cracks or damaged seals. Even if you just have a small leak in one area, it's a sign you'll probably start experiencing more leaks in other areas.

Does Your Broken Boiler Need Frequent Repairs?

Do you have recurring issues with a broken boiler? It might seem cheaper to just keep repairing them instead of splurging on a new unit, but let's consider a little math. Assume you spend $400 on repairs every time your boiler breaks down. If you need to call us in every three months to make repairs, you'll end up paying $1,600 in a single year just to keep your boiler running. It makes far more sense to put that money toward a new unit that won't require such extensive work so often.

Boiler Replacement Near Me

Ready to get a new boiler installed in the Jenkintown PA 19046 area? Give Family Heating & Air Conditioning a call today at 215-377-9090. We'll help you browse your options so you can find the best boiler for your space. You can also check out for all your HVAC needs near Jenkintown PA 19046.

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